Thursday, January 2, 2014

I've been thinking about doing more blogging. Im not the greatest writer by any means. I really need more of a creative outlet until I go back to school. Since it is a new year I am planning on knitting more. More creative art for me. And I am going to try and learn to make socks this year. I have been making wrist warmers. So far so good. Updates so far, are that the fiber artist known as streetcolor is getting recognized at one of my favorite galleries in san Francisco. She is getting an exhibition later this year in December at the de young museum. What an honor. My sister zephyrinthevalley was asked to help make a wreath for an auction this last December. She made a beautiful wreath and it sold for $160. Im going to try and learn to spin more this year as well. Good things so far. And the bfhas a 2nd job. HHoping we can get a nicer place this year. Much love guys. Stay warm.

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