Thursday, May 19, 2011

School's Out!

So, school is almost done, and with that in mind, I have crocheting on my mind as well! I just recently learned that June 11th is International YarnBOMB day! =] I am so excited about this. It really gives me a reason to yarnbomb something big for once, or well-seen. AND gives me something to look forward to! My boyfriend is being more supportive than he was a few months ago. This new development is superb! Unfortunately my Art Design teacher didn't feel the same. For a project I crocheted two simple scarf items to turn in. I turned them both in exactly how she wanted them, written on, colors written down with my name and project number. Apparently[obviously] she's never received crocheted art as an art assignment in class. But, I don't think that means she should disregard it just because she doesn't personally think it is art. Nowadays, Fiber art is very popular! She also said that it 'looked like I bought them from a thrift shop'. That is a direct quote! I was so offended having spent hours on these projects excited to turn i something different to her and prove that I am a good student working hard. I guess it wasn't her day, because she gave me a C on the project..basically saying that I was too lazy to have created such a thing. My mother and boyfriend both said I should go to the dean of the department and fight her on her insulting comment and let her know that I was not lying. Project plagiarism is not my thing. I know what I'm capable of, and she should have known after the entire semester. I am not sure she wanted to believe that after giving me the freedom to create something exciting for me and new, that I would actually hold up to that on my end. And of course, I am insulted. That is all I wanted to share. Does anyone else have any thoughts about the events of today? I will post pictures of my two items I made, which I spent hours making.

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