Monday, May 23, 2011

Go big or go home!

Today was the official day of my first real yarn bomb. I've been scoping out this area by our Borders for awhile, the girls inside know I crochet so I wonder if they'll spot it, and know it's me XD I got scared at first because I saw a cop right down the street, but after awhile he didn't seem to care. I did a horrible job of tying it up, but I didn't care I was too excited to do more. I only had this one planned out vaguely. I dressed mostly dark, so did my friend who I picked up along the way, and my roommate was my getaway car! Next time we'll dress warmer and bring cocoa after that, we went to a park and my friend did a bomb-fail lol and I managed to throw something together on some swings ^_^ and tagged it. I tagged almost everything with my name T.C. =] I think I will make bigger tags next time. But I was trying to force the viewers to take a closer look. =] We eventually saw a cop and so my friend stopped, but I had her pick up my yarn, and then I grabbed my camera and started to take pictures because I would be sad if it was taken down without a pic! We all slowly started walking towards the car, but realized if this cop cared enough he'd get out of his car. All he said was...Can I ask? I said..I'm sorry? : "Can I ask what you're doing?" in a very confused silly look on his face, I said "Oh it's for a class..."...What class. "My art class, my project is on Fiber art."...Fiber?..."yarn. you know fiber" ...Oh ok. I was just wondering because I saw you taking pictures. "Yup"..OKay have a good night. "Bye you too" went the convo. =] I was so relieved. I didn't imagine such carelessness.ONWARD. We drove to the college found a nice little bench; sat, crocheted, chatted and put a lil something together. The night was definitely unplanned. Next time will be better.XD We threw something together like a jacket for the bench, and then I did a lil diddy on a pole. a cop drove by without stopping, well two did. We also had a midnight jogger take a peek and just continue on his merry way ^_^ Overall I was content for an unplanned night! Thanks guys! Pictures will be up shortly. =)

Thursday, May 19, 2011

School's Out!

So, school is almost done, and with that in mind, I have crocheting on my mind as well! I just recently learned that June 11th is International YarnBOMB day! =] I am so excited about this. It really gives me a reason to yarnbomb something big for once, or well-seen. AND gives me something to look forward to! My boyfriend is being more supportive than he was a few months ago. This new development is superb! Unfortunately my Art Design teacher didn't feel the same. For a project I crocheted two simple scarf items to turn in. I turned them both in exactly how she wanted them, written on, colors written down with my name and project number. Apparently[obviously] she's never received crocheted art as an art assignment in class. But, I don't think that means she should disregard it just because she doesn't personally think it is art. Nowadays, Fiber art is very popular! She also said that it 'looked like I bought them from a thrift shop'. That is a direct quote! I was so offended having spent hours on these projects excited to turn i something different to her and prove that I am a good student working hard. I guess it wasn't her day, because she gave me a C on the project..basically saying that I was too lazy to have created such a thing. My mother and boyfriend both said I should go to the dean of the department and fight her on her insulting comment and let her know that I was not lying. Project plagiarism is not my thing. I know what I'm capable of, and she should have known after the entire semester. I am not sure she wanted to believe that after giving me the freedom to create something exciting for me and new, that I would actually hold up to that on my end. And of course, I am insulted. That is all I wanted to share. Does anyone else have any thoughts about the events of today? I will post pictures of my two items I made, which I spent hours making.