Saturday, February 12, 2011

My First Encounter

Today I searched for the Yarn Bombing book at Borders in my local town. Sad to say, they didn't have it. I did however get inspired to do something of my own. I truly couldn't wait to scope out a place I would do my first deed. After carefully going over consequences in my head, I decided that the one thing I needed to do was start small. So I found some scrap yarn and started crocheting away. I knew I needed an alias, and alas, TC was born. I took a picture of my yarn-venture earlier today, which I managed to do in broad daylight. It was exciting, and fun! I cannot wait to do another. I will post pictures of my escapade later. I managed to throw something together quickly and sewed it up on my boyfriends car. I did it at around 2pm today. We will see how long it takes him to notice it, or realize it's there, and we will see if he knew it was me. Lol. And he said yarn bombing was silly, lol, well that's what he gets! Haha. Until next time!

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